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Documentation Guide

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Concept SMS | Voice

  • The Automated Mass Voice & SMS Messaging Service
  • Overview

       Self service broadcast
       A service that allows user to deliver large number of voice & text messages via service web portal
       Messages - Template or customizable
       Power Messaging - .txt , .csv, unicode & concatenated SMS into 1 long SMS
       Voice file - Pre-recorded sound files or created with Text-to-Speech (TTS)
       0ne-way message - info, promo message, alert
       Two-way message – SMS Reply / Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
       Send now or Send later
  • SMS
  • SMS : Overview


    Type of Broadcast :
       One Way only
       SMS Reply
       SMS Application
  • Voice
  • Voice : Overview


    Type of Broadcast :
       Voice Broadcast only
       Voice Broadcast with IVR menu selection
       Broadcast with IVR menu selection and routing of call to live call centre agent for call handling